Version 12.0 beta 3

Test beta versions and make bug reports.
I will release major beta builds only. Bugs fixed will be rolled up into the next major beta build or the finished version.
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Version 12.0 beta 3

Post by Rickard Johansson » 10 Feb 2017 13:21

I've replaced some toolbar images and made some visual changes in this version. And, of course, fixed a few reported issues.

Version 12.0 (Feb 9, 2017)

High DPI awareness
The application and tools should display properly on high DPI displays.
The main program and all tools are per-monitor DPI aware so you can drag
the program between monitors with different DPI.

Almost all visual components have been replaced and toolbar, menu and button
images are now available in several sizes.

Replaced visual components
Replaced almost all visual components like tool bars, labels, check and
radio boxes, spin controls and buttons.

Updated, and made changes to, list boxes and list views with check boxes
or images.

Automatically enclose selection with braces and quotes
Added two new options to allow the enclosing of a selection with parenthesis
and quotes, when pressing a left open bracket or quote.

Automatically enclose selection with braces
The option is enabled by default and allows you to enclose a selection
with braces like (), [] or {}.
E.g. Select a text like "ABC" and press '('. The selection is now
enclosed "(ABC)".

Automatically enclose selection with quotes
The option is enabled by default and allows you to enclose a selection
with quotes like "", '' or “”.
E.g. Select a text like 'ABC' and press '"'. The selection is now
enclosed '"ABC"'.

Select Braces and tags
Added a new function to select braces that includes the braces. The current
function only select the text in between the braces.

I changed the behavior in HTML and XML documents.

The text cursor is anywhere between tags:
* "Select Brace Enclosed" will select everything between the tags.
* "Select Brace Enclosed (with braces)" will select the tags as well.

The text cursor is inside a tag:
* "Select Brace Enclosed" will select everything inside the tag.
* "Select Brace Enclosed (with braces)" will select "<" and ">" as well.

The function "Select Tag" will always select the entire start/end tag block.

Removed the functions to select tag text and tag blocks, since it's already
covered by the functions above.

Convert panel
Made some changes in the "Date/Time span calculator" and replaces the date
and time pickers to make date and time selection easier.

Join lines (prompt for options)
Added a new menu item to prompt for options before joining lines.

Options available are:
* Do not add spaces between lines
* Preserve paragraphs
* Remove leading white spaces

User toolbar (quickbar)
Redesigned the quickbar and renamed it to "User Toolbar". It only have
two pages now. "Code" and "Script".

The code toolbar is customizable so it's possible to display more buttons
or hide some unwanted ones.

All editor toolbar buttons are also available in the user toolbar. They are
hidden by default but if you wish, you can enable them (right click over
toolbar and select customize) and close the editor toolbar.

Themes and editor colors
Added several new visual styles and a new style color file with editor
colors that can be used with the "Onyx Blue" style.

Toolbar image lists
The editor load the appropriate image list based on the DPI of the current
monitor from disk. The standard lists are available in five sizes: 16x16,
20x20, 24x24, 32x32 and 48x48.

It is possible to create your own image lists used in toolbars, menus and
panels throughout the program. In the program folder there is a tool called
"ImageListEditor.exe". You can add this as a tool and start modify existing
image lists or create new ones.

You can actually add images of any size you want. The added images are then
resized (the resize function produce very good quality images).
But you still get the best quality if you use images (glyphs) of the same
size as the image list use.

The image lists are available in "<AppData>\Roaming\RJ TextEd\ImageLists\".
In the same folder is an option file "ImageLists.ini" which you can edit
and add your own image list(s).

I would appreciate any contribution from users.

Import diff file
Added menu items to import diff files. The imported file is used to patch
the current document. You are able to make changes to the text before it
is inserted.

Chrome preview
Updated the chrome libraries to version 3.2883 (Chrome v65).
Flash is enabled and should work if you have a flash player installed.

Online help
The help is now located Online. This to make sure the help is displayed
properly on high DPI monitors.

Splash screen
The splash screen should display on the correct monitor in a multi monitor
setup. The splash window and text is scaled properly now on high DPI

The splash screen should now always display the correct version and if
the program is the 32 or 64 bit version.

* SFTP component has been updated.
* Regex component has been updated.

* Dual document state is not saved when you open the application using
the /COMPARE switch.
* Editor refresh issue.
* Select highlighter in drop down menu could result in wrong highlighting.
* No save warning in compare mode.
* Can't open CHM file set as tool when no documents are open.
* Font display issue in File Commander.
* Issue when sync scroll is active and you close dual document view.
* Reload binary file.
* Issues with read-only files.
* Halt script issue.
* Trailing tab issue in column mode.
* Program search issue when focusing the edit box using the mouse.
* Selected section text color in options.
* Couldn't use /MULTI /COMPARE %File1 %File2 as command line option.
* JavaScript highlight issue.
* Drag n drop issue.

Download ... ll_x86.exe ... ll_x64.exe

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Re: Version 12.0 beta 3

Post by u00000000 » 23 Feb 2017 23:24

I'm using x64 version.

I don't know if this is a bug or just a "feature"

1) Use "Find All" function, then click on any of the results
2) This takes you to the right spot, I click mouse inside the edit window. I can even type something on that line.
3) Now go back to the search bar, enter another word to search for in the text field or pick one of the previous ones and click on "Find Next". It will take me to the first(?) result in the file, not the next one from where I am.

Odd thing is if I now go click on the Search Results again from my previous "Find All", it will take me to the corresponding line and when I "Find Next" on the 2nd search term (which at this point should be still in the text field), it will find the next term from where I am.

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