Find Next text highlight display bug

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Find Next text highlight display bug

Post by rjbill » 11 Jun 2017 10:11

Good luck trying to re-create this one. (maybe)

I was finding next on a file with long lines.
The previous find was on column 305 of a 356-char line.

The next one (in error) is on column 248 of a 390-char line.
I didn't see the highlighted find text.
Then noticed that there was a red cursor blinking at the far left margin.
(I use red as my find color)
And there was the word, scrolled off the left side of the screen.

Maybe you can look at your algorithm there and notice something.
The find text was "protectin" and the word was "protecting".
The 'g' was the first letter on the line displayed.

And then it happened on the next word, "protectin' " at column 94
on a 152-char line, but the red 'n' was showing at the first char position.

And it was consistent, although, if I paged up and pressed BACK-ARROW
a few times, and then Find Next, it would show part of the word in red.
RJTE version 12.51 (actual) - 64-bit
Win 10 64-bit 8 GB RAM

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