Default Save Location #2

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Default Save Location #2

Post by rjbill » 14 Jun 2017 10:19

In this topic, you said you fixed the Default Save Location 'bug':

I don't think it's fixed, or I don't understand what logic you are using now.

It still doesn't work like it used to.

Are you using the Last File Saved location, or the Last File Access location (Open or Save)?
Or some other kind of logic??

I created two new files, c1.txt and c2.txt, and put text in them.
I saved file c1, and I think (but don't remember) it used the previous tab's file location
as the Default Save Location. (which would have also been the Last Save File location, so??)

I saved it to a Temp directory. Then saved c2 and it defaulted to that Temp directory.
Then I closed both of those files.

Then I created a new file with .php extension and put stuff in it.
When I saved it, it defaulted to that Temp directory, but I expected it to default to
the previous tab-file's location, which is what I think it used to do.

I would just like to know what 'logic' or algorithm or mechanism is being used now.

(although I would ideally like it to work like it used to -- which is basically use the
previous tab-file's location as the default save OR open location --- since I tend to
work on multiple files in one directory (or root-based directories, i.e. a 'website'),
so that makes sense to me to work that way ---

there would be a problem with that if there is more than one new file, and you
try to save one on the RIGHT side, where the previous tab-file is NEW and
hasn't been saved yet -- what Default Save Location do you use then? -- I think
it should use the first saved file's location to the LEFT, although that might be a pain
to backtrack and find, and what do you use if it's a SINGLE NEW file or multiple NEW
files with no saved file tabs??)
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Re: Default Save Location #2

Post by Rickard Johansson » 03 Jul 2017 14:25

The editor have never used another tab location as a default save path, but you can set an option to have the default save path follow the path displayed in the explorer panel. Maybe you've used it at some point. And I just noticed that the mentioned option doesn't work anymore in v12.12... It's fixed in v12.20.

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