RJ TextEd is developed using Delphi from Embarcadero and is released as Freeware.

The program is free to use for commercial purposes. But if you do, I would appreciate a donation.

The program has been tested in windows XP/Vista/Windows 7/8/10 (32 and 64 bit). The program (both 32 and 64 bit) will also work on Linux if Wine is installed.
Note that the language and syntax files will be replaced when installing a new version. Place user language files and user syntax files in the "User defined" folder.

Note! Only major versions are available for download. Minor versions are available using the program update function or as a downloadable update.

Version 12.62 (Dec 22, 2017)

Install Version 12.62 (Vista / 7 / 8.1 / 10)

32-bit version only: Download  64-bit version only: Download
32-bit + 64-bit versions: Download

Portable Version 12.62 (Vista / 7 / 8.1 / 10)

The archive include both 32-bit and 64-bit versions.
7-Zip file: Download

Windows XP Version 12.62

32-bit version only:  Download  Portable versions: Download

Local help file (2017-12-17)

If you can't use the on-line help - the current CHM help file is still available for download. Copy the help file to "[AppData]\Roaming\RJ TextEd\Help\". If no Internet connection is available - the local help file is used. Or you can simply add it as a tool and assign a shortcut.
Zip file: Download

Version 12.62

22 dec, 2017

Updated compiler

Recompiled all executables. The error handler should work properly now.

Windows XP

The new compiler doesn't support Windows XP, so I've compiled an XP version using an older compiler. Just make sure you download the correct installation file.

The auto update function should work in this version. As well as "Help -> Check for updates".


  • Exception catcher issue (error handler).
  • Smart highlight issues.

Version 12.61

18 dec, 2017


Added a new branch to the clip tree, located in the text clips panel, called "Abbreviations". I also added a few example abbreviations for a few highlighters.

Abbreviations are expanded by hitting ALT+ENTER and are highlighter dependent. You can have an abbreviation named "for" in several highlighter branches. Which version expanded depend on the current highlighter.

You can also set TAB or SPACE as triggers to expand abbreviations. This is done in the "Format" menu.

Abbreviations (and text clips) can handle tab positions and multiple selections. E.g. if you insert the same tab position variable several times - they will all be highlighted and you can edit all positions at the same time.

Ex: This is the clip added to the PHP branch with the name "for".

[[#1]] = $tab x [[#2]] = $tab 0 [[#3]] = $tab [[#4]] = $tab for ($[[#1]] = [[#2]]; $[[#1]] <= [[#3]]; $[[#1]]++) { [[#4]] }

To use this clip open a PHP file and type "for" and press ALT+ENTER (TAB or SPACE).

The clip is expanded and the first tab(s) are selected. In this case [[#1]] is replaced with "x" and all three instances are selected.

for ($x = [[#2]]; $x <= [[#3]]; $x++) { [[#4]] }

To keep the x as variable just press TAB. Otherwise type the new variable name. Press TAB to select [[#2]], which is replaced by "0". Tab positions [[#3]] and [[#4]] are replaced by "".

NOTE! You only need to open the text clip panel to edit or add new abbreviations. It doesn't have to be open for abbreviations to work.

Menu style

Changed the default menu style in Windows 10. You can use it in other Windows versions as well by changing the menu style option. The "old" style is still available in options and used as the default style in older Windows versions.

On Windows 10 (8.1) the background color is white and the accent color is used for menu highlighting.

The accent color used automatically change if the system color change.

Syntax editor

Re-designed the user interface, replaced several components and changed the colors and menu style. Made several changes internally to make the code easier to maintain.

On Windows 10 (8.1) the accent color is used in tabs and menus.

The accent color is automatically updated if the system color change.

New compiler version

All executable files have been re-compiled with the latest Delphi version.

If you are updating your installation from a previous version the rtl250.bpl and jcl250.bpl library files are removed when installing the new version. If you use the portable version you can safely remove them yourself.


  • Several highlighting issues.
  • Several code fold issues.
  • Shortcut issue in search bar.
  • Theme manager "Apply" issues.
  • Convert to HTML issue.
  • Script step issue.
  • Search issues in text clip panel.
  • Search issues in project manager panel.
  • Several text clip issues.
  • Insert text clip using keyboard shortcut.
  • Auto update check issue.
  • Wrong search list used in the project panel.
  • Search highlight issue.

Version 12.50

19 nov, 2017

New highlighters

Added new highlighters (or syntax files). You have to activate them yourself in "Addons -> Highlighters" section.

New highlighters: - Kotlin - Cobol - Swift - Makefile - Matlab - Go - NSIS

Syntax file options

Added new block options to handle what is highlighted inside a block when the option "BlockAsString" is set to "No".

The new options are: HighlightBlock=Yes|No HighlightKeyword=Yes|No HighlightSymbols=Yes|No HighlightNumbers=Yes|No HighlightStrings=Yes|No HighlightChars=Yes|No

Search bar

Made some visible changes to the search bar.

The tab key will only switch between the find and replace fields. Text in the find field is copied to the replace field if empty.

Find and replace buttons can be focused using accelerator keyboard shortcuts e.g. ALT+d to focus the find next button (English language used). Move focus between buttons using TAB or SHIFT+TAB.

Smart highlighting while selecting

Changed the behavior when selecting text. Other instances of selected words or strings will be highlighted. The word or string can be case sensitive.

It's been added as an option so it can be turned off.

The options added are:

  • Enable smart highlighting while selecting
    • Case sensitive
    • Whole words only

Multi selection

Added menu items to handle multi selection using the keyboard.

  • Add word and find next (Ctrl+D) - will select the currently selected word, find the next instance and select that as well.
  • Skip word and find next (Ctrl+F3) - will skip the current selection, find the next and select it.
  • Undo selection (Shift+Ctrl+D) - will undo the last add or skip operation.

Document tab context menu (Find file name in project)

Added a new menu item to search for the current file name in project files. The menu item is only visible if a project has been opened.

Document context menu (Find word/selection in project)

Added a context menu item to search for the current word or selection in project files.

Hash Generator

The hash generator is now able to create a hash from a given text string or an opened file.

A button to open a file has been added next to the edit field.

Syntax Editor

Redesigned the block and code folding tabs. Blocks and folds should be much easier to manage now.

  • Added buttons to move items up and down.
  • Added buttons to change case of keywords and tags.
  • Made several other minor improvements and fixed a few issues.


  • Added several new options and rearranged some check boxes in the general tab.
  • (File) Turn on Wordwrap - will override the option to save wordwrap state.


  • Menu display issue with multiple monitors.
  • Cursor movement issue with selections.
  • Mouse wheel zoom should use "scroll up" for zoom in and "scroll down" for zoom out.
  • Save on dragged out external document.
  • Auto complete issue.
  • PHP highlight issue inside HTML tag.
  • FTP issues when server disconnects.
  • Issues in Syntax Editor.
  • Misc reported issues.

Version 12.41

19 Oct, 2017


  • Made some minor changes in document tab drawing in dual document view.
  • Updated SFTP component.


  • High CPU usage with certain scrollbar options.
  • Clone document issue.
  • Syntax highlight issue with comments.
  • Find issues in options window.
  • Column mode issues.
  • Update (old) projects.
  • User bar drop down tree issue.
  • TODO/NOTE list display issue.
  • Keyboard issue in regular expression creator.
  • Save main window size on high DPI display.
  • Bookmarks are drawn with a little more space to the right.
  • Other reported minor issues.

Version 12.40

30 Sep, 2017

Document editing and speed

While solving a few issues with the background thread I also improved editing speed for operations like typing, deleting (DEL/BACK), or any other operation that just changes the content of the current line.

The change may be quit noticeable.

Other speed improvements

Sort functions have been optimized and should be even faster than before.

Hash Generator

Added a simple hash generator in the "Tools" menu. It can generate a string hash using the most common algorithms.

NOTE! If you feel that an algorithm is missing, let me know.

Allow illegal control characters in text files

Added a new option to allow illegal control characters in source/text files. The option is turned on by default, allowing you to open text files containing e.g. a few non-text characters like zeros.

If turned off, files containing illegal control characters are handled as binary/hex files.

Save hex view status

The editor can now remember the hex view status after a document has been closed. This should work with both text and binary files.

The setting is available in "Options -> File -> Save status for last open files".


  • FTP issue with older FTP servers (Unix/Linux vsftpd...).
  • Open remote (S)FTP from menu recent files.
  • Some change DPI issues.
  • A few delete issues.
  • Several hard to find exceptions that may appear randomly.
  • Open file at cursor.
  • Clipboard history display issues with delete and clear.
  • Paste text at end of line.
  • Display space and tabs issue.
  • Change newline format display issue.
  • Trim trailing spaces issue in column mode.
  • Replace issue with regular expressions.
  • Minimize/Maximize issues.

Version 12.35

18 sep, 2017

Move editor between monitors with different DPI

Made some changes to speed thing up. The main window isn't constantly redrawing anymore and moving the window between monitors is much faster.


  • Reload document issues.
  • Some very hard to find editor background thread issues.

Version 12.34

17 sep, 2017

Per monitor DPI awareness

Made several improvements and fixed a few issues when moving the program between monitors using different pixel density or scaling in Windows.


  • Spell check (F7) issues.
  • Clone document issues.
  • Wordwrap issues.
  • Explorer panel issues.
  • Search issue with dot and regular expressions.
  • Many reported misc exceptions.

Version 12.33

08 sep, 2017

Exception window

Added a "Show/Hide details" button which enables user to show/hide details of the bug report.

Editor context menu

Added a menu item for "Select All".


  • Horizontal scroll issues.
  • Cursor issue in wordwrap.
  • Possible issue when reloading document.
  • Help issue in "Convert file encodings...".
  • Indent selection should work on the current line even if there is no selection.

Version 12.32

07 sep, 2017

Horizontal scroll bar

The horizontal scroll bar should stay hidden until a line longer than the width of the display is encountered. This is not calculated at load time. It's done when displaying the text. So the horizontal scroll bar will only appear if a line longer than the window width is displayed.


  • Quick find issues.
  • Display color hint issue.
  • Editor issue.
  • A few FTP issues.
  • File explorer panel issue (Win XP).
  • File Commander issue (Win XP).

Version 12.31

3 Sep, 2017


  • Font issue in search result panel.
  • Editor undo issue.
  • FTP tree issue.
  • File explorer issue.
  • File Commander issues.
  • A few split window issues.
  • Several FTP issues.
  • Several reported exceptions (error messages).

Version 12.30

27 Aug, 2017


Added new panel options and moved all panel related options to the same place (Options - Customize - Style and Fonts).

There are now 5 options to handle panel appearance and behavior.

  • Show captions in panel tabs.
  • Show images in panel tabs.
  • Show captions in hidden panels.
  • Show images in hidden panels.
  • Automatically open hidden panels on mouse hover.
If you set the options to show images but not captions for hidden panels, you get only a row of images. Very much like a toolbar. A hint is displayed when the mouse it hovering a panel button. I also added hints when the mouse is hovering panel tabs.

Main tabs

Added new options to handle the appearance of main tabs. You can change the tab style and decide if the tabs should have captions and images.

Fixed the tab hints. They should display both caption and keyboard shortcut.

Editor code fold icons

Fold node icons are now drawn using GDI+ vector graphics. This gives more control over appearance and colors.

Use the theme manager to change icons. Each icon can have two colors. The current margin line color, or a theme color version which is dark for light themes and light for dark themes.

Exception catcher

The program now has its own exception catcher code. Whenever an exception occur - a detailed report is displayed with some program and system data and a stack trace. A screenshot of the active window is included as well.

You can save the bug report. It consist of two files. One text file, containing the bug report, and a screenshot JPEG file.

You can also send the bug report. The two bug report files are attached to the email sent.

The exception catcher code is used in both the debug and release version. The stack trace may not give as good results in the release version because of optimization, but it should be helpful nonetheless.

Toolbar context menu

Added a context menu item to hide main, editor and user toolbar.

Search result context menu

Added context menu items to export search results as plain text.

Explorer panels

Added an option to set auto refresh state. You can use this to turn off auto refresh if you encounter issues with it.

Replace (modal window)

When doing a replace a prompt window is displayed. If the button "Yes to all" is pressed the regular replace all function is used, instead of making a single replace at a time inside a loop.

This speeds up the replace and an abort window is displayed so you can halt the replace if you wish.


  • Several high DPI issues in the program.
  • High DPI issues in Syntax Editor.
  • Several visual issues.
  • Few issues with the explorer panel (could crash).
  • Few issues with file commander lists.
  • FTP remote delete issues.
  • FTP remote edit file/folder name issues.
  • Split window issues.
  • Move cursor to next word issue (Ctrl+Right).
  • Tool output issue.
  • Delete block issue in Syntax Editor.
  • A few word wrap issues.
  • A few internal changes seems to have fixed several reported issues.
  • Monitor log file issue.

Version 12.21

26 July, 2017

Search Options

Added a few new search options to handle selected text.

  You can:
  • Use selected text as search string.
  • Include multi-line selection as search strings.
  • Or not use selection as search string.


  • A few "Quick Find" issues.
  • Theme issues at startup.
  • Several theme issues when changing theme.
  • Increase/Decrease font size.
  • Minor issue in Edit menu.
  • "Home" page issues at startup.

Version 12.20

10 July, 2017

Hex View

Added two options to set the behavior when switching to hex view.

  • Edit File. Reopen the file in binary mode and edit the file.
  • Edit document buffer. Just switch view and edit the text buffer, but using a hexadecimal display.

Both modes support undo/redo. Edit file mode is set as the default behavior.

  • Quick find is supported in hex view.
  • Find/Replace is supported in hex view.
  • Goto line/address is supported in hex view.
Please note that because the file is saved to a memory stream and reopened into a binary buffer when switching to hex view (edit file mode), the line change indicators will disappear when switching back. The editor tries to restore bookmarks, but they may be located on the wrong lines after an edit in hex view.

Quick Find (Ctrl+E)

Made some changes to the incremental search and renamed it quick find.

A hex value button has been added to the quick find bar. It is only visible when in hex view and allows you to enter a search string of hexadecimals, e.g. "6D0D0A".


Made several changes to the search bar and the modal search window to enable find, find all, replace, replace all when in hex view.

It is now possible to search for hex values, as well as ANSI.

The search result output has been improved when searching in hex view. Search result context menu items has been updated and work better in hex view as well.

Search result context menu

The export items now export search results as HTML code.

Display control characters (space, tab and linefeed)

Control characters are now using the colors set inside the themes manager, unless you set the option to follow the current syntax color. All Unicode white spaces are now displayed.


Made some optimizations and wordwrap should be much faster now when using large files.

File Commander

Replaced the drop down list and list view components with faster ones.

  • Changes in folders are better updated in the views.
  • Made some changes in options.
  • Header columns in report view can be resized and remembered between sessions. You can find more columns in the header context menu, but only the first 7 columns are handled when changing folder and only those 7 are saved.
  • Added a thumbnail view.
  • Other views should be displayed properly now.

Explorer panels

Replaced the drop down list, tree view and list view components with faster ones.

  • Changes in folder is better updated in the explorer panel view.
  • Made changes in options.
  • Header columns in report view can be resized and the widths are remembered between sessions. You can find more columns in the header context menu, but only the first 7 columns are handled when changing folder and only those 7 are saved.
  • Opened documents are highlighted with bold and using a highlight color.
  • Added a thumbnail view.
  • Other views should be displayed properly now.
  • In list view only one column is displayed at a time.

Word count/frequency

Redesigned the dialog window and made some optimizations to speed up the count process. It's much faster now.

Special characters drop down grid

It's now possible to move around in the character grid and select a value with [ENTER]. Mouse movements are tracked.

A hint is displayed when hovering the mouse over a character, displaying the hexadecimal value and the Unicode name of the focused character.

Symbol Panel

A hint is displayed when hovering the mouse over a character, displaying the hexadecimal value and the Unicode name of the focused character.


All supported SSH client ciphers are now available.


  • Search bug with option to match whole words.
  • Reopen project issue at startup.

Version 12.12

10 jun, 2017


  1. Made some minor changes in the "File" section.
    • It's now possible to set a default file type when opening a file. This is used if the file is empty, or doesn't contain any line feeds.
  2. Made changes and added options in the "Style and fonts" section.
    • Option to show/hide change indicator on document tabs.
    • Option to show/hide changed and saved indicator on document tabs.
  3. Made a change in the "Tools" section.
    • Added a button to clear the tool icon, if assigned.


Searching folders using a multiple line find text should work properly now - no matter the file type. The files can be a mix of Windows, Unix and Mac files. Find and replace should work regardless.

Join lines

Join lines will now remove all surrounding white spaces and add one space between lines. Except for the first line where the indention is preserved.


  • List view style in explorer panel.
  • Digit separator in C++ (1'000'000).
  • Document context menu caption.
  • Fixed issues with "Open in default program".
  • Selection after moving text cursor to a bookmarked line.
  • Word wrap issue with complex scripts like Japanese.
  • Fixed a language issue in options.
  • A few issues in Syntax Editor.

Version 12.11

02 jun, 2017

Updated highlighters

Updated several highlighters (C++, C#, Java, JavaScript, Python, VB.NET).

File Commander

Added new toolbar buttons for navigation and view styles beside the drop down lists.

Made several visual changes and fixed a few issues.

Tab document menu

Added a menu item to open the current file in the default program.

Tree views

Made several visual changes to all tree views in the program, e.g. text clips panel tree. They should look better now using themes and on high DPI displays.

Syntax Editor

Made several changes to the syntax editor program.

  • Variables are now listed when adding class/tag completion entries.
  • All option tree components have been replaced.
  • Fixed several issues.


  • Minor visual changes and fixes.
  • Minor changes in the preview title bars.


  • Regular expression when finding block end in syntax files.
  • Fold highlight issue with comment blocks.
  • Script selection issue.
  • Reopen last open files issue when using dual view and a project is opened.
  • Draw issue with matching braces and scrolling at the same time.
  • Minor draw issues in find/replace dialog window.
  • An issue with find in files when using the find/replace dialog window.
  • Undo issue.
  • Issue with default save folder when saving new files.
  • Fixed a few issues in the text clips panel.

Version 12.10

15 maj, 2017

Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG)

Created a new highlighter to handle SVG files and SVG code inside HTML.

  • Tags, attributes and values are highlighted.
  • Style and script blocks inside SVG objects are highlighted properly.
  • Auto completion works with both SVG tags and SVG attributes.
  • Tag highlighting when text cursor is inside a tag.

To handle SVG in HTML documents you don't have to do anything. It should work out of the box.

To handle SVG files - you need to enable the SVG highlighter in "Addons".


Attributes now have there own colors and can be changed using the theme manager.


Made some changes to the bash highlighter. It should handle comments, variables and parameter expansions better now.

Fold marker {...}

It's now possible to change the appearance of the fold marker that appear to the right of folded code. You can change background color, text color and style. The appearance depends on whether or not you've set the background color.

With no background color set (transparent) you get a rectangle with ... inside. You can change the color of the rectangle and the dots (...). You can make the rectangle frame wider and dots slightly larger by setting the style to bold.

With background color set the marker is drawn with dots inside curly braces {...}. You can change the background and foreground colors and change the style to bold, italic or underlined.

Log-file monitoring

Added new items in the document tab menu to enable monitoring of log-files. When monitoring is enabled, all lines added to the log-file will be added to the open document.

The follow tail option is turned on by default. When enabled the editor will jump to the end of the document as new lines are added.

Use the highlighter options to add keywords to look for on each line. If found - the entire line will be highlighted using the settings you specify.

Multiple cursor mode

Using multiple cursors or selections is now indicated in the status bar. The "Row" panel changes color and the number of cursors are displayed within parenthesis.

If you click on the highlighted status bar panel - you exit multiple cursor mode and return to single cursor mode operations.

Command line option (/MONITOR)

Added a command line switch to enable log-file monitoring using the command line.

E.g. TextEd.exe /MONITOR F:\MyLogFile.log


Text is re-selected after you've overwritten or deleted a selection and press undo.

Document tabs

Changed the color of the close button. The hot color and drawing was changed as well.

Changed the frame color used in the change indicator.

Join lines

Changed the behavior of join lines. All unnecessary spaces between lines are now removed. If you prefer the old behavior, you can use join lines (prompt for options) or Format - Unwarp lines...

Compress lines/Delete blank lines/Delete redundant blank lines

All functions in the title now remove lines containing white spaces as well as empty lines.

  • Compress lines remove unnecessary blank lines to compact the text. Including single blank lines.
  • Delete blank lines remove all blank lines.
  • Delete redundant blank lines reduce blank lines to just one if a block of several blank lines are found.

Misc visual changes

Several visual changes was made in this release.

  • The "Home" page has been redesigned.
  • The help toolbar on "Home" can be hidden using a menu switch (View - Bars - Show help toolbar on "Home").
  • Made some changes in HTML preview tabs.
  • Internal browsers now have icon and title in the window title field.
  • Made some visual changes in Themes manager.
  • Made several visual changes in Addons and moved spell options to "Options".


  • Several speed optimizations.
  • Compiled using a newer Delphi version.
  • Right margin can now have values below 16 when word wrap is turned off.
  • Minor changes to the HTML syntax files (highlighter).


  • Open multiple files using double click and pressing SHIFT/CTRL in Explorer panel.
  • Updated the JSON highlighter.
  • Edit right margin value in options.
  • Some high DPI issues.
  • Some issues in the project panel.
  • RTL Edit issue.
  • Print HTML code containing style and script tags (multi highlighter issues).
  • Export HTML code to HTML/RTF containing style and script tags (multi highlighter issues).
  • XML URL draw issues.
  • Issue with highlighting of matching braces (ASP/VB...).
  • Issue with select brace enclosed (ASP/VB...).

Version 12.06

02 apr, 2017


If the backup path doesn't exist the user is informed about it. A prompt message give you the choice to enter settings and correct the path.

Auto Save

Made some code changes to ensure the correct document is saved and prevent save when other files are opened or closed.

HereDoc ("Here document" in Bash)

Added an option to syntax files to handle HereDoc. The options has been added to PHP and Bash syntax files.

NOTE! If you have written your own custom PHP syntax file - don't forget to add the new option.



  • Auto check for new updates.
  • Title issue when opening an already open file and the active tab change.
  • Search dialog window position issue.
  • Goto line dialog window issue.
  • Goto line when line number exceeds the number of lines in the document.
  • Tab row drop down menu draw issue.

Version 12.05

26 mar, 2017


  • Select All (Ctrl+A) doesn't scroll the window anymore.
  • A single mouse click is now enough to edit a value in the unit convert panel.
  • Ctrl+Space completion should now work even if auto completion is turned off.
  • Optimized delete line function when executed in a script.
  • Misc visual improvements and fixes.


  • Word wrap indent issue when using variable width font.
  • Find/Replace issue after opening "Goto line...".
  • A few replace issues in the find/replace window.
  • PHP preview issue when using "Toggle browser view".
  • Markdown preview should handle Unicode.
  • Couldn't write text while color hint was open.
  • A few syntax highlighting issues in Ruby.
  • A browser preview temp file issue.

Version 12.04

15 mar, 2017


  • Can't open files from Explorer in running instance.

Version 12.03

14 mar, 2017

Windows 10 Creator Update (and insider preview)

The program should run properly now. The theme (or VCL style) engine didn't work properly so I'm currently using the original Delphi version.

System dialog theming is disabled (file open/save dialog windows...).

Using the original theme engine solves a few other issues as well and is generally more stable, though it lacks some features. For instance both the 32-bit and 64-bit versions now work on Linux using Wine.

Large file support

The editor should handle large files (> 2GB) better now using the 64-bit version.

Word wrap

Optimized some functions to speed up word wrap. Especially when using large files.


  • Minor visual changes in the main program.
  • Minor visual changes in Syntax Editor.
  • External compare menu items are only visible if a compare tool is set in options.
  • Find/Replace dialog may open faster now after first use.
  • Both 32 and 64 bit versions run on Linux using Wine.


  • Case issue in file explorer highlight function when marking open documents.
  • Delete all in hex mode.
  • Save actions, e.g. remove trailing white spaces didn't work in compare mode.
  • Code Explorer update issue.

Version 12.02

02 mar, 2017

High DPI and menu font

Fixed several scaling issues on high DPI displays.

  • Menu and GUI font issues.
  • Editor font settings and display issues.
  • Home page issues.
  • Several issues with panels.

Fixed some issues when moving the program between monitors using different scaling.

Chrome Preview

Updated the libraries to version 56.0.2924.


I've fixed several glitches and minor issues throughout the program. Some are visual issues and others not. Some only occur on high DPI displays.

Change history

Version 12.01

25 Feb, 2017

Toolbar and menu images

Images are scaled up if running on a very high DPI monitor and you need larger images than 48x48.

Search bar

Made several changes in the search bar.

Print selection

Multiple selections are now supported.

Update check and Addons

Made some changes in the download thread and replaced the HTTP component. All update checks and downloads now use HTTPS.

NOTE! The system proxy is always used (if set).

Online help

If you have a local help file in "\Roaming\RJ TextEd\Help\" it will be used if you're not connected to Internet.


  • Macro Editor errors when hovering the mouse over some areas.
  • Several issues in Regular Expression Creator.
  • Dark button text in toolbars when using some themes.
  • User toolbar icon issues.
  • Recent file menu issue when having many files in the list.
  • Export as RTF to file.
  • HTML script highlight issue.
  • Selecting recent FTP list item should work now.
  • All toolbar dividers are now grooved.
  • Join lines with option to remove leading spaces didn't remove tabs.
  • Macro manager label issue.
  • A minor find all issue.
  • Column mode issue with auto complete braces.

Version 12.0

19 Feb, 2017

High DPI awareness (per-monitor DPI aware)

The application and tools should display properly on high DPI displays. The main program and all tools are per-monitor DPI aware so you can drag the program between monitors with different DPI.

Almost all visual components have been replaced and toolbar, menu and button images are now available in several sizes.

Replaced visual components

Replaced almost all visual components like tool bars, labels, check and radio boxes, spin controls and buttons.

Updated, and made changes to, list boxes and list views with check boxes and images.

Automatically enclose selection with braces and quotes

Added two new options to allow the enclosing of a selection with parenthesis and quotes, when pressing a left open bracket or quote.

Automatically enclose selection with braces

The option is enabled by default and allows you to enclose a selection with braces like (), [] or {}.

E.g. Select a text like "ABC" and press '('. The selection is now enclosed "(ABC)".

Automatically enclose selection with quotes

The option is enabled by default and allows you to enclose a selection with quotes like "", '' or “”.

E.g. Select a text like 'ABC' and press '"'. The selection is now enclosed '"ABC"'.

Select Braces and tags

Added a new function to select braces that includes the braces. The current function only select the text in between the braces.

I changed the behavior in HTML and XML documents.

The text cursor is anywhere between tags:
  • "Select Brace Enclosed" will select everything between the tags.
  • "Select Brace Enclosed (with braces)" will select the tags as well.
The text cursor is inside a tag:
  • "Select Brace Enclosed" will select everything inside the tag.
  • "Select Brace Enclosed (with braces)" will select "<" and ">" as well.

The function "Select Tag" will always select the entire start/end tag block.

Removed the functions to select tag text and tag blocks, since it's already covered by the functions above.

Convert panel

Made some changes in the "Date/Time span calculator" and replaces the date and time pickers to make date and time selection easier.

Join lines (prompt for options)

Added a new menu item to prompt for options before joining lines.

Options available are:

  • Do not add spaces between lines
  • Preserve paragraphs
  • Remove leading white spaces

User toolbar (quickbar)

Redesigned the quickbar and renamed it "User Toolbar". It only have two pages now. "Code" and "Script".

The code toolbar is customizable so it's possible to display more buttons or hide some unwanted ones.

All editor toolbar buttons are available in the user toolbar. They are hidden by default but if you wish, you can enable them (right click over toolbar and select customize) and close the editor toolbar.

Themes and editor colors

Added several new visual styles and a new style color file with editor colors that can be used with the "Onyx Blue" style.

Toolbar image lists

The editor load the appropriate image list based on the DPI of the current monitor from disk. The standard lists are available in five sizes: 16x16, 20x20, 24x24, 32x32 and 48x48.

It is possible to create your own image lists used in toolbars, menus and panels throughout the program. In the program folder there is a tool called "ImageListEditor.exe", which I wrote for this purpose. You can add this as a tool to the "Tools" menu and start modify existing image lists or create new ones.

You can actually add images of any size you want. The added images are then resized (the resize function produce very good quality images). But you still get the best quality if you use images (glyphs) of the same size as the image list use.

The image lists are available in "[AppData]\Roaming\RJ TextEd\ImageLists\". In the same folder you'll find an option file "ImageLists.ini" you can edit and add your own image list(s) to.

I would appreciate any contribution from users.

Import diff file

Added menu items to import diff files. The imported file is used to patch the current document. You are able to make changes to the text before it is inserted.

Text compare

Fixed several issues in the text compare algorithm. It should handle Unicode properly now and yield better results.

Chrome preview

Updated the chrome libraries to version 3.2883 (Chrome v65). Flash is enabled and should work if you have a flash player installed.

Online help

The help is now located Online. This to make sure the help is displayed properly on high DPI monitors.

You can download the help as an CHM file and add it as a tool, if you want to use a local file instead. Available from

Splash screen

The splash screen should display on the correct monitor in a multi monitor setup. The splash window and text is scaled properly now on high DPI monitors.

The splash screen should now always display the correct version and if it's a 32 or 64 bit executable.


  • SFTP component has been updated.
  • Regex component has been updated.


  • Dual document state is not saved when you open the application using the /COMPARE switch.
  • Editor refresh issue.
  • Select highlighter in drop down menu could result in wrong highlighting.
  • No save warning in compare mode.
  • Can't open CHM file set as tool when no documents are open.
  • Font display issue in File Commander.
  • Issue when sync scroll is active and you close dual document view.
  • Reload binary file.
  • Issues with read-only files.
  • Halt script issue.
  • Trailing tab issue in column mode.
  • Program search issue when focusing the edit box using the mouse.
  • Selected section text color in options.
  • Couldn't use /MULTI /COMPARE %File1 %File2 as command line option.
  • JavaScript highlight issue.
  • Drag n drop issue.