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by Bookbuff
09 Aug 2020 23:02
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Topic: HTML5 Tidy error
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HTML5 Tidy error

I am using ver. 14.62 on a Win10 Pro bld 1909 machine and am trying to validate a 18545 line HTML program (1.5Mb). I am getting a 413 error: Request entity too large. I never had a problem when it was using the HTML4 Tidy program. Is there a new setting that limits size?
by Bookbuff
17 Jul 2020 18:14
Forum: Next release
Topic: Version 14.60
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Re: Version 14.60

I updated to the latest beta and on reboot, the program crashes. I get the error message "Exception ElniFileException in module rtl270.bpl at 0000000000262B5A. Unable to write to C:\USERS\Revolution\AppData\Roaming|RETextEd\shared\RJSharedMem." I have been using RJEdit for several years and have not...