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by rbon
25 Feb 2021 17:49
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Topic: MPad (RJ Texted Lite)
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Re: MPad (RJ Texted Lite)

Hi Rickard,
It's not simple find a new name for an editor: there are 1.948 at February 12, 2021.

Anyway my suggestion is:
• Qedit32

This name don't exist, at moment. :wink:
by rbon
07 Mar 2012 13:24
Forum: External or integrated tools
Topic: Columnizer - working with column and row
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Columnizer - working with column and row

Hi, I suggest You the freeware program Columnizer of Gulf Coastal Software. Unfortunately this program as been discontinued, but it has a terrific power. You can find a copy of this program (installer) at: A+ Freeware "Columnizer ver 5.38" with many samples link: http://www.aplusfreeware.c...
by rbon
29 Apr 2009 07:28
Forum: Syntax files
Topic: ConTEXT syntax files
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ConTEXT syntax files

Hi Rickard, I have found open source ConTEXT syntax files. They are plain text files named Highlighter with Search function. - ConTEXT web site: - Download page: - Hightligher sample 1 (Cobol85):