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Version 13.73

Posted: 09 Mar 2019 15:22
by Rickard Johansson
Released v13.73 today. Changes are listed below:

Version 13.73 (Mars 9, 2019)

Selection color
The editor should now use the selection colors set in themes manager with all texts and fonts. Even if a variable width font or a complex text script is used, like Hebrew or Arabic...

Major updates
Major updates will be downloaded from Fosshub in the feature. Minor updates and beta versions are still downloaded from the main site. The update procedure is almost the same as before. But with major version updates, the update window will display the Fosshub site were you click on the version you want to install. The rest is exactly as before.

I changed this because my web hotel can't handle the bandwidth.

* Minor theme color issue with hints in open/save dialog windows.
* Tab key issue in search bar.
* Some issues reported by users.

This version is available using the program update function. You can also download the update files from the main site