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Information about the next release of RJ TextEd.
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Version 14.41

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New in this version:

Version 14.41 (Feb 25, 2020)

Line number hint
Added a line number hint when scrolling using the mouse. The hint is displayed top right in the editor window. When the document map is visible it's displayed to the left of the document map.

Sites panel
Added a context menu item to display synchronize info for selected file.
The message window will tell you if the file on local and test/remote site is synchronized, if the file has been changed on either side, and which one appears to be newer.

(S)FTP synchronize
Fixed several issues with file synchronization in sites panel and file commander.

Recent files drop down list
Made several visual and behavioral changes.
  • Mouse tracking will no longer scroll the list.
  • Check boxes are only visible for the current list item until a check box has been checked and you enter select mode. In select mode all check boxes are displayed.
  • When in select mode (check boxes are visible) you can use shift+mouse or ctrl+mouse to select items. List items will behave as in windows explorer. A single mouse click on an item outside of the check box will deselect all items and exit select mode.
* Misc minor issues.

This version is available using the program update function. You need to install version 14.40 first.
You can also download the update files from

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