Version 14.60

Information about the next release of RJ TextEd.
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Version 14.60

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Version 14.60 (Aug 2, 2020)

Chrome Preview
Updated component and libraries to version 83.0.4103.

FTP (sites)
Made some extensive changes to the download/upload threads. They should
display a more meaningful progress dialog window, be much faster and handle
hidden files and folders.

All FTP operations should handle hidden files and folders properly now. That
includes the sites panel and synchronizations.

Code folding and syntax files
Made a complete re-write of the code folding feature. It is now (mostly)
indention based. Which means you don't have to add anything to the syntax
files for the folding to work.

If you need to tweak it a bit and add items to the code explorer - you still
need to add some data in the syntax files.

Line comments spanning more than 3 lines are now fold-able as well as normal
block comments.

Indention based folding can be turned off in the syntax file
(fold options section). This can be useful when you only want a few elements
to be foldable and you want to use a specific start and end.

It is also possible to turn off folding of line comment blocks.

All syntax files have been updated.

Fixed several issues with the code explorer.

Code folding options
Added new options to reduce the number of folds displayed.

* Only display necessary folds like for classes and methods...
Use this to hide some folds like if statements and loops.

* Ignore folds spanning less than x lines. Default is 5.
Important folds like classes and methods are always displayed. But other
smaller folds are ignored if they span less than the specified number of

Both options can be very helpful if you find the left margin cluttered with
fold icons. They can both greatly reduce the number of folds and fold icons

Code fold icons
Added a few smaller versions of existing fold icons. You can select them
in the theme manager.

High DPI and themes
Fixed several theme issues on high DPI screens and when moving between

Most themes (vcl styles) have been updated to newer versions which include
high resolution bitmaps for use on high DPI monitors.

Theme manager
Made some small changes and made some improvements to the theme preview on
high DPI monitors.

Emmet Abbreviations
Single quotes in custom attributes should expand properly now.
E.g. td[title='Hello world!' colspan=3]

* Several code explorer issues.
* Several code folding issues.
* Close file(s) issue.
* Copy and paste issue.
* Dead files in projects.
* Issue when using virtual desktops.
* Syntax highlight issue in CSS and LESS.
* monitor current file issue.
* Synchronized scroll issues.
* Shell context menu issues.
* Save status for plain text files.
* Theme loading issue.
* Many misc issues reported or found during testing.

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Re: Version 14.60

Post by Bookbuff »

I updated to the latest beta and on reboot, the program crashes. I get the error message "Exception ElniFileException in module rtl270.bpl at 0000000000262B5A. Unable to write to C:\USERS\Revolution\AppData\Roaming|RETextEd\shared\RJSharedMem." I have been using RJEdit for several years and have not changed the configuration. I tried reloading the latest complete version (14.52), but get the same error message.

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Re: Version 14.60

Post by DGladden »

I had the same error message. Try creating the shared subfolder into your path: C:\USERS\Revolution\AppData\Roaming|RETextEd\shared. Creating the folder eliminated the error for me.

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Re: Version 14.60

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This version has been released and is available from the main site

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