Version 14.63 + 14.64

Information about the next release of RJ TextEd.
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Version 14.63 + 14.64

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Version 14.64 (Aug 23, 2020)

Indent lines
Indent lines are now always drawn at a tab position, regardless of how your code is indented. This makes it easier to properly align your code.

Highlighting matching braces
Matching braces are now underscored using the brace highlighting foreground color, set in theme manager. And the brace background is set to the brace highlighting background color.

Compare files using external compare tool
The document is saved if modified and the files on disk are used for comparison if possible. The editor should allow you to reload the document if it was changed by the external tool.

Fixed a few issues.

Color dialog window
Adding or pasting a color value to the edit box should work now as expected.

Fixed a few issues.

* File Explorer panel refresh issue.
* File Commander refresh issue.
* PHP tag highlighting.

Version 14.63 (Aug 15, 2020)

Clipboard keyboard actions
Added new keyboard actions to copy and paste from any user clipboard.
Open "Customize keyboard..." to assign keyboard shortcuts to copy to clipboard x and paste from clipboard x.

* Reduced flicker in customize keyboard list view when themes are used.

* File Commander error message.

The update should be available using the program update feature. It's also available from

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Re: Version 14.63 + 14.64

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Thank you!

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