Version 14.71

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Version 14.71

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Version 14.71 (Nov 15, 2020)

New text clip commands
Added commands to extract file name, file directory and file extension from a variable inside a text clip.

It is possible to use one of the following commands with a variable containing a file path:

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  #d  =   folder path (dir)
  #f  =   file name (without path)
  #e  =   file extension

If we have a file variable defined like

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  [[file]]  =   @fi[]

Then, we can create a text clip like below:

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  The file "#f[[file]]" is located in the "#d[[file]]" folder.

FTP panel (drag n drop)
The FTP panel now accepts a document tab to upload the document to the currently open remote folder.

Updated the libraries and component to the latest version.

* Scrollbar issue in explorer panel.
* Rare brace matching issue that may occur with certain theme options.
* Context menu items in sites panel should be disabled if no site is open.
* Issue in editor component.
* Issue when closing a cloned document.

This version is available using the program update function and from the main site

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