Version 14.73

Information about the next release of RJ TextEd.
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Version 14.73

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Version 14.73 (Mar 2, 2020)

Script functions
Added a few new functions to "Document" and "MainApp".

* Document.Capitalize()
Capitalize selection. Should work the same way as the menu item.

* MainApp.OutputDebugString(strText, value)
Output a string and value to the message panel. "value" is a Variant and can be an integer, float, date, boolean or string.

* MainApp.OutputDebugObjectString(strText, obj)
Output a string and values from public properties found in the object. "obj" can be any object, TStringlist, TElMenuItem...
(Inherited fields and properties are not included in the output.)

* PHP syntax file use regular expressions for class and functions.
* Added script function "Document.Capitalize()".
* Made a small change in how items are listed in project panel search.

* Window startup position on multi monitor setup.
* Current folder toolbar icon not working properly in explorer panel.
* Color dialog window background with some themes.
* A startup issue.
* Fixed several potential issues in the project panel.
* Fixed many potential issues (compiler warnings) in the code.

The update is available using the program update function and from the main site

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