Version 15.03

Information about the next release of RJ TextEd.
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Version 15.03

Post by Rickard Johansson »

Version 15.03 (Aug 4, 2021)

* Symbols drawn with incorrect colors.
* Word wrap issue.
* Minor hex view issues.
* Misc issues reported by email.

This version is available using the program update feature and also from the main site

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Re: Version 15.03

Post by DerellLicht1 »

RJ TextEd is now my go-to editor for programming tasks!! It does *everything* that I need a professional editor to do...

I have given you a donation, about as much as I would have paid for an upgrade to MultiEdit for Windows, if there was ever any chance of that being updated again (which there isn't)...

I *really* appreciate your prompt, effective efforts to deal with the (admittedly obscure) bugs that I've turned up recently... I am very contented!!

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