Version 13.80 beta 1

Test beta versions and make bug reports.
I will release major beta builds only. Bugs fixed will be rolled up into the next major beta build or the finished version.
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Version 13.80 beta 1

Post by Rickard Johansson » 19 Mar 2019 15:47

Please note that only the English language file has been updated. Some strings are missing in other languages.

And as always, let me know if you encounter any issues.

Version 13.80 (Mars 19, 2019)

Chrome Preview (Chromium)
Updated libraries and component to version 73.0.3683.75.

Code explorer favorites
It is now possible to add classes, functions, properties, tags etc. to a favorite list. Favorites and TODO:s are displayed in the same pane, but in different tabs.

The mouse hint can display more information, like which class a method belongs too.

Favorites can be removed or clear using a right click context menu.

NOTE! Favorites are connected to a document and only available as long as that document is open.

Changed how auto completion in search fields work when pressing UP and DOWN keys. Only items beginning with the entered search term is displayed. All other items in the drop down history list is ignored.

This change only work if the drop down list is closed (auto drop down disabled).

If auto drop down is enabled the drop down list is now sorted.

Replace field option
Added an option to have an empty replace string every time a search window or search-bar is opened.

* The options window should open faster in this version.

* Possible replace tool window issue.


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