Version 13.90 beta 3

Test beta versions and make bug reports.
I will release major beta builds only. Bugs fixed will be rolled up into the next major beta build or the finished version.
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Re: Version 13.90 beta 3

Post by rjbill » 18 May 2019 17:02

It's a SATA 7200. I don't know why what I was looking at called it SCSI.
My system is still generally pretty fast.
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Re: Version 13.90 beta 3

Post by yereverluvinuncleber » 20 May 2019 10:17

It will be SATA III and it will be fast. A good guess is that isn't the source of your problem.

Did you try to create a RJ project, did it help? Press Alt - Project - New, then when you have created your project, add files to it equalling the same number of files that initially gave you a problem, save and close.

You can open a .rjproj file by simply double-clicking on it.

I have shortcuts to all my RJ project files in a folder on my desktop and as all my development projects are organised into projects, this way access to all my projects is ultra-simple and they open in a trice.
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