Version 14.20 beta 1

Test beta versions and make bug reports.
I will release major beta builds only. Bugs fixed will be rolled up into the next major beta build or the finished version.
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Version 14.20 beta 1

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New in this version:

Version 14.20 (Sep 24, 2019)

Chrome Preview
Updated component and libraries to version 76.0.3809.

Updated the SFTP component to the latest version.

Fixed several issues.

Search (All open files)
Find and replace can now be used on all open files. Find or replace start at the current cursor position and circle through all open document tabs.

To use it just set the search scope to "All open files".

Added two new options (Options - Search):
* Allow find/replace to cycle through the current document view only
* Allow find all and replace all to cycle through the current document view only

Highlight Expressions
Added expressions are now stored between sessions. A checkbox is used to activate an expression to highlight, for the current file.

Active highlighted expressions are now stored between sessions for each file. You can activate/deactivate this in options, with other file options like store wordwrap state, encryption, code fold state etc.

Document tabs
Added an option to change the tab position. You can set the tab position to the top, or to the bottom of the document window.

Added a new type to send POST requests. It is used to post the current document or a selection to a web address and open the returned text in a new document tab.

I also added two new presets. One will add the following:

Code: Select all

    Title:      'JavaScript Minifier'
    Type:       'Send POST request to URL'
    Command:    ''
    Argument:   'input=[CurrentDocument]'
* If save fails you are asked if you wish to restart the program in administrator mode.
* Remote files are now just saved when pressing "Save". No prompt is displayed.

* Document view draw and resize issues.
* Browser preview panel issues.
* Misc language issues.
* Path display when all files are closed.
* Program search issue.
* Numerical statistics in column mode should handle leading or trailing non-digit values.
* Misc reported minor issues.

Download ... ll_x86.exe ... ll_x64.exe

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