Version 14.30 beta 1

Test beta versions and make bug reports.
I will release major beta builds only. Bugs fixed will be rolled up into the next major beta build or the finished version.
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Version 14.30 beta 1

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Version 14.30 (Jan 3, 2020)

Chrome Preview
Updated component and libraries to version 78.0.3904.

Remote files (S)FTP
Added menu items to upload current document to a remote server.

You can still save to a remote server.

The difference between upload and save is that if you upload to a remote server - the document is still saved to a local folder. But if you save to a remote folder - the document is then always saved to that remote location.

* The option "Save to remote location" should now always allow the document to be saved to it's last saved location. E.g. if you save to a remote server - the document is always saved to the remote location.

Sites panel
Added a new panel to handle web sites.
Create a new site by adding a name for the site, add local, remote server and test server locations. The remote and test server locations is selected using a remote folder dialog window. This allows you to select the (S)FTP profile to use with the site. New sites are listed in the drop down menu.

Local site
This is were you store the site on local disk for editing.

Test site
You can use a test server for testing your site before publishing it.

Remote site
This is where you publish your web site.

Active Remote site
On the toolbar buttons you can see a yellow dot marking the active remote site. All transfers will commends between the local and active site.
E.g. if the test server site is active - all uploads, downloads, synchronize operations etc. is done between the local site and the test server site.

Site panel toolbar
Open an existing site from the drop down menu.
From the site panel you can upload, download files and folders. Or you can synchronize local and remote folders. The synchronize feature will either synchronize the entire web site, except folders you have excluded in the synchronize dialog window, or synchronize the files and folders you have selected.

Context menu
The context menus contain menu items to cut, copy and paste selected files and folders. You can copy and move files between the local folder and any remote location. Or you can copy and move files between locations on the local or remote site.

* Duplicate allows you to duplicate selected files and folders.
* Rename allows you to rename any file or folder.
* Delete allows you to delete selected files and folders.
* Permissions allows you to change remote file and folder permissions.

Open in browser will open the selected local or remote file in an web browser.
For this to work with remote files - make sure you add a web path in the site settings.

File commander (upload, download and sync)
File date and time information is now stored inside XML files. It's now possible to use the same local web site and sync it to several remote locations.
This is useful if you have the same site under different domains.
E.g.,, ...

You can choose if you want to synchronize the currently opened folders or synchronize selected files and folders.

Made several optimizations. All operations should be much faster now.

Fixed several issues found when writing the new code and when testing.

Site and file commander sync dialog window
Redesigned the dialog window and fixed a few issues. Added a new option to only synchronize selected files and folders.

Enclose toolbar dropdown menu
Added a new toolbar button to the main toolbar that opens a dropdown menu for enclosing selected text. The dropdown menu contain many different quote types and braces.

The same toolbar button is available in the user toolbar.

* Macro edit window is now sizable and can be maximized.

* Fixed a large number of reported issues.

Download ... ll_x86.exe ... ll_x64.exe

There are a few new features in this version so please try it out.

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Re: Version 14.30 beta 1

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Note that only the English language file has been updated in this beta release. If you use another language you may find blank menu items and missing text (or plain wrong).

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