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Error highlight

Post by akari »

Is there any error highlight for php or java or other languages?

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Re: Error highlight

Post by pjj »

Do you mean a proper linter package for RJ TE, like there are for e.g. Atom, that would act like this:


Well, there is none, I'm afraid. However, this is a very good idea to have a generic framework for adding extended support for linters to RJ TE, which themselves are just external tools, that produce output like this:


Of course configuring such a tool -- which could be as simple as standalone .exe or .js script OR can require setting up a whole environment (PHP, Python, Ruby, Node.js, you name it) -- would be on the user.

For now you can add such linter as a tool (Tools > Configure tool > Add) and set it up, so its output is captured by RJ TE and displayed in a new document (Run as DOS command..., Capture output in a new document file). Not as comfortable as on the first screenshot above, but still better than nothing.

(You can also not capture its output as a new document and parse it instead, so you could click on the line with error message to go directly to the appropriate line in your linted document, but this alas doesn't work for me, and not only for me.)
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