QUESTION: RJTe for Mac os/x?

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QUESTION: RJTe for Mac os/x?

Post by yereverluvinuncleber »

Any chance or future possibility of a version of RJTe for os/x? Being built on Delphi means there is that possibility. I know a few MAc users that would appreciate such an editor. I know the market share is much smaller but it would be a selling-point in the future when the editor moves from beta.

(Is RJte in beta or has it left?)
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Re: QUESTION: RJTe for Mac os/x?

Post by inspector71 »

I could be very wrong but AFAIK the toolkit RJTE is written in may not be available on Mac.

Being that RJTE is also a one-person project, I doubt there's enough resources to enable a multi-platform release.

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