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RJTextED Lite

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I know that this idea won't get much traction and I may have mentioned it before so forgive me if I have but I do feel that there is a place for a cut-down RJTextEd, a 'Lite' version.

I used Context for years before I discovered RJTextEd but when I discovered RJT I immediately converted all my .js/HTML/PHP programming to RJT as it had everything that I needed in an advanced text editor/programmer's editor.

However, as RJT grew I noticed startup times inevitably increasing. This may not be noticeable on more modern machines but on an i7 laptop with an SSD 5 seconds delay is not unexpected. On some of the more low powered machines that I have access to with HDs, the startup time is considerably longer.

So, I still find myself reverting to that old stalwart of mine, Context editor from time to time. I now consider Context as being RJTexted 'Lite' as the two operate in such a similar manner. In fact there is little that I can't do in Context. It could be at a pinch, my default editor again but I would of course miss those functions I have grown to love and depend upon in RJT.

So, I run two advanced text editors, one is very quick to initialise and the other is full of functionality.
Context is associated with all text files and RJT is only run when I have a project to maintain. I can't justify using RJT when doing quick edits as it feels slow to start. It is slow. I understand why.

So, I am asking you to think about a cut-down version of RJTextEd that has the advanced features not included at compile time, meaning a smaller footprint and fast startup. It might act as a incitement to others to try the full version and it might be of use should you ever choose to go commercial.

I understand that this might not be possible as it would require you to disentangle a lot of features. I'll just keep on using Context as my go-to editor for quick edits. So, this is more of a heads-up request as I feel there is a place for a RJT lite and if it were possible I would go for it.
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