[12.30bx] Shrinking Options window hides, well, options

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[12.30bx] Shrinking Options window hides, well, options

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I noticed this behavior in Options > Customize > Style and fonts, but it may be present on other tabs as well. Have a look at the following screenshot:

options.png (42.66 KiB) Viewed 3095 times

If Options window is sized down, entries in Menu Style (should be Menu style, but I digress) are shifted to the left, while those in newly added (to my belief) sections, i.e. Close buttons and Tab style stay in their respective positions and are therefore truncated from the view (plus some visual garbage is introduced in the form of vertical lines). Of course, this is only a cosmetic trouble, which could be imho best addressed by setting bigger Options window min-width, so shrinking it wouldn't hide any element.
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