13.0 beta 2 - Find in Files crash

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13.0 beta 2 - Find in Files crash

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When I do Find in Files the search results box opens but other than that there was nothing to really indicate that the search is being performed, so I didn't know if it was searching or not. Turns out it was searching but since I didn't know that I hit the Find All button a couple more times and eventually I got some Application Error error popup boxes saying "Exception EAccessVioloation in module rtl250.bpl.... This crashed the program.

I liked the fact that I could still move around the editor while the search was being performed so I don't want that functionality changed. My suggestion for a fix would be to change the Find All/Replace All buttons so they can't be used to search while a search is in progress, like disable them and change the text to say "Searching...", or change the text to say "Cancel Search" so we can click it to abort the search.
RJTextEd Search Crash.png
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