Parenthesis tracking

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Parenthesis tracking

Post by Michaelo »

Perhaps I'm in the wrong area but I did look :wink:
First off, super program even look great... my complements.

I do a lot of php and html coding and have grown very use to the editor highlighting the closing parenthesis ')' and the '}'. This allows me to track stuff...

Perhaps I do not have enough experience with the program but it does not appear to show (highlight) the closing ')'/'}' or have I done something wrong...?

My apologies... it is working... Don't know what happened, just closed everything and opened a php file and now I see the (, { tracking...
It did not not track earlier... but go figure...

Back again:
In a couple of file it was not highlighting the closing ), ], } etc... I simply save the file and now it does... not a major problem but I knew I was not see things...

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If you are using a beta version there are a few problems with PHP highlighting and PHP highlighting in html files. It might cause problems for the brace highlighter as well. It should work properly in v3.90 (final).

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