[Req] Support Objective-C syntax

Discuss syntax highlighting or submit new syntax files.
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[Req] Support Objective-C syntax

Post by Nelson »

I found it doesn't support Objective-C syntax, will you consider to support it?

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Re: [Req] Support Objective-C syntax

Post by jgodfrey »

In case you're unaware, it's entirely possible (in fact, fairly easy) to create your own syntax definition for RJTE. I'd guess that's how many of the currently supported languages found their way into the standard installation of RTJE - a User had a need, created a new syntax definition, sent it to Rickard, who in turn, added it to the standard RJTE distribution.

All of the necessary information is documented in the "Syntax Files" section of the Help file. If you do create a satisfactory definition for Objective-C, I recommend that you send it to Rickard for inclusion in a future release. In fact, I still need to do that with several definitions I've created...


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