Class auto completion with array []

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Class auto completion with array []

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I am trying to create a syntax file in which some of the class names must have array elements in them.
The help file says
Class Auto Completion
When the user has entered an auto completion sign, e.g. a dot, in the editor you can present the user with a list of methods.
1. Enter a name, e.g. a class name. The name can be a single word or several separated with a dot. E.g. "System.out." or just "System.". The last character should be the auto completion sign, except when you use a space character. You can also use arrays. E.g. "Form.Items[].". This will work regardless of what the user enter between the "[ ]" brackets.
However class completion works for all levels of the hierarchy levels except those that contain square brackets.
In the image, class completion picks up each level as you add a period until boards.heat.heaters[].
boards. (OK)
boards.heat. (OK)
boards.heat.heaters[0]. (Fails to display properties)
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I'm sure I'm doing something basic wrong, but I can't figure what it is.

unfinished syntax file attached.

Thanks in advance.

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Re: Class auto completion with array []

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It doesn't seem to work anymore. I'll fix it in the next release.


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