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Quick Macro Execution Lockup?

Posted: 17 Aug 2018 14:09
by rjbill
I told the editor to execute the Quick Macro until the end of file but not more than 10,000 executions,
and it never popped up a dialog box (I thought it was supposed to do that now), and it gave me a busy
icon, and I pressed ESCAPE and it came back. When I pressed ESCAPE, the screen went "bright dim"
for a few seconds+ like it does when a program isn't responding.
I don't know if that was a coincidence, or not.
But it had done the 10,000 executions.

This was on a 20,000+ line file, and the macro deleted a line and the moved down one line,
so I could remove every other line.

So I'm not completely sure if it was messing up, or not.