CLOSED: "Use selected string as search string" by default.

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CLOSED: "Use selected string as search string" by default.

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Moved from the beta bugs area.

In the recent beta 13.3 beta 1, the new "find in files" moves the advanced features from the now simplified find and replace tabs - that is good.

When I do a simple search, by default I will call up the search pop-up by using CTRL+F, remembering that I may want to search through all open files I may then click upon the "find in files" tab only to find my search string is not there by default even though "Use selected string as search string" is selected as an option. Instead will be the last search term used within that tab. I now have to replace that search term with the one I was initially looking for by paste-ing it manually.

Fig 01. Showing the find tab and my selected text appearing by default in the search box.

I suggest that the text that is displayed in the three tabs should by default be the current selected string (as set in the environment options), especially as the "find in files" tab functionality used to be contained within the older find and replace tabs. I think of the new tab as just an extension of the other tabs so it is natural it should have the same default search term.

Fig 02. Showing the find in files tab not showing my selected text, it should show 'busyStop'.

If "Use selected string as search string" is not enabled then the last search term should be displayed.

Thought it was fixed in the beta 2 release - but unfortunately it was not.

Fixed in beta 13.3 release.
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