Dropdown combo box for folders on the search bar

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Dropdown combo box for folders on the search bar

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I like the changes to the modal search box. It looks much nicer and feels more logical. Of course I don't use it very often, preferring the search bar at the bottom and I'm not thrilled with some of the changes to that. I use the folder and file-type text fields very frequently and they now take more effort to access. Instead of just immediately typing into the folder or file type field I now have to click a button to open the little popup window, then type, then click another button to close it. Plus, I can't immediately see what the current folder is, I have to click the button to popup the options box in order to see what is set as the current folder, then again click to hide it.

I would like to see the plain dropdown box changed to a dropdown combo box with text input, with all the current options except the "Folder" option replaced with the Folder dropdown where you can see the current folder and the recently used folders and can type to edit the folder path. Then the file type/extensions dropdown next that (which could be hidden when not in Folder search mode). Then the button to the right wouldn't even need to popup a window, it could just be a popup list of options similar to the help button.
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