FIXED: Sessions all goofed up

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FIXED: Sessions all goofed up

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Hey RJ,

Don't get mad at me but I hacked RJTextEd. Just a little though. I saved a new session and when I reopened the session, all my windows were piled up into one. I set the layout to one window in the "Default Views" function, but when I close RJTextEd and reopened my session, it was back to opening all my files in one-of-three windows. So I deleted the session and created a new one and it did the same thing. For some reason, my default power on layout is three side-by-side windows. I can't figure out how to change that behavior so out of frustration I did little snooping and noticed these three lines in the sessions.ini:


Changing those to 0 fixed the problem, but why did it do that and why couldn't I fix it? Was it some setting I must have set or is it a bug or ... ?

OS: Windows 7 Home 64-bit
RJ: Version 14.41 (64-bit) portable

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Re: Sessions all goofed up

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Made some Changes and it seems to work now. Fixed in next release (v14.50).


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