Version 15.20 beta 1

Test beta versions and make bug reports.
I will release major beta builds only. Bugs fixed will be rolled up into the next major beta build or the finished version.
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Version 15.20 beta 1

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Changes in this version:

Version 15.20 (Sep 28, 2021)

Terminal panel
The terminal panel can now open several tabs. You can split the panel and open tabs both to the left and to the right.
You can also open Windows PowerShell tabs.

To close a tab type "exit".

Improved speed in the command prompt tab for large outputs like from the "dir" command. (Unfortunately, that doesn't work with the PowerShell tab.)

Toolbar images
It is now possible to change the toolbar and menu image scaling in options, if you want larger images.

The scale factor is given in percent. Available values are: 100%, 125%, 150% and 200%.

Document tabs drop down list
Added an option to sort (or not sort) the drop down list, located in the document tab row.

Added several new themes to the environment menu. The default theme for new installations is now Windows 10 Charcoal.

The themes menu is now sorted and so is the themes list in the customize dialog window.

Moving between monitors
Fixed a few issues when moving between monitors. Especially if they use different scaling (DPI).

Tools (Syntax Editor, Character Viewer...)
Recompiled all tools using the newest version of Delphi and fixed a few issues.

Toggle comment
Should handle indented comments as well as comments at the start of the line.

Changed the toolbar icon.

* Document tab context menu item "Reload as binary file" changes to "Reload as text document" after being selected.

* Undo issues.
* Reload as binary file.
* Select color issues in CSS/LESS/SCSS files.
* Text compare issues.
* Saved document indicator issue.
* Document tab issues when resizing the window or with minimize/maximize.
* Fixed several minor issues while testing this new version.

Download ... ll_x86.exe ... ll_x64.exe

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Re: Version 15.20 beta 1

Post by HSeldon »

The imagelist scaling is awesome! Thanks for this feature!
Wenn ist das Nunstück git und Slotermeyer? Ja! Beiherhund das Oder die Flipperwaldt gersput.

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