No offense, but once should be said

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No offense, but once should be said

Post by Extranjero »

I thought this forum were a forum to intercommunicate features and issues of the program, where (with some delay) users of the program share their experiences in order to let to learn from each other. For this I joined.
What I could expirience so far, that the idea I had, was wrong - it's more the place for moderators' self-presentation.
That's life. Some need it.

I tried not to spam the forums' thread lists with millions of newbie-question threads, of which all users, but not the newbie and evidentially neither the super-capos know the answers.

I appreciate the huge efforts to response to each and everything, although not having a minimal idea of what they are speaking.

The started Newbie questions thread after some worthless responses ended up with being locked telling me that muting me there is to prevent me from the temptation to ask something more.

I think this is exactly the autocratic, for not to say the fascist, behavour which caused me to leave Europe nearly 20 years ago.

And I also think it does not contribute to keep the number of users of the program stable or to increase it.

That's what one has to live with that. Or even not:
There are several alternatives out in the area waiting to be tried and experienced.

Let's do it.
Mejor que nunca.
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Re: No offense, but once should be said

Post by yereverluvinuncleber »

What are you talking about?

This forum is the most friendly and helpful place you will find for responding to queries and technical questions. If you are having a hard time extracting the answers you want from these knowledgeable people then I am going to suggest that the problem is you alone. RJ and the others on this forum are SO helpful and it always surprises me how much they go out of their way to respond to user's queries and suggestions.

There certainly are choices for other editors and I suggest you take one of those immediately and take the unwarranted criticism with you.
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Re: No offense, but once should be said

Post by inspector71 »

I popped in to the forum today to say thanks.

Before I can find the spot to do so, if there is one (I thought there was), I read this tripe.

There's so much politics and broken English within this post, it makes little sense and seems to be someone having a bad experience, with an axe to grind.

No community is perfect.

RJTE is, for want of another term, a "one man band" application. No advertising, doesn't cost a cent. Well, in fairness, people's time is valuable so using any tool that may not be functioning well is a cost in terms of wasted time. However, Rickard is as reasonably responsive as any one person can be. Software development is hard. It takes time. Why has documentation in IT historically been an afterthought and often poor? It's not laziness necessarily, it's arguably often time. Any developer has likely experienced the many ways large swathes of time can vanish when stuck on a bug or whatnot. To then find the time and energy to be involved in these forums to connect with users is no small effort. In addition, Rickard is human. Digital life is not.

I'm not a regular forum user. Perhaps for some of the concerns you tried to outline, but I've had some good experiences, some not great. I'd prefer all good but sometimes, things happen that are unfortunate. It is all too easy, and I include myself, to react with outrage when only seeing a screen and typing into it in that instant of frustration we would normally moderate when speaking with people rather than a textbox. Please remember, there are actual people on the other end of your posts. Be kind if you can. Be kinder if you cannot. Otherwise, go away from the computer, all screens, find a quiet place without distractions, take several slow, deep breaths in the cleanest air you can access - try vagus breathing for example - and have a think about what you are feeling, try to let it ride and come back to the forum to post in a more balanced manner.
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Re: No offense, but once should be said

Post by HelenaMaria »

This forum is the best place I have been. Moderators helps to curb the spammers.
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