FIXED: Incorrect highlighter on file open

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FIXED: Incorrect highlighter on file open

Post by pjj »

New algorithm that determines the file highlighter seemingly has a bug. If I open a PHP file -- that is a file with php extension -- that starts with <style> tag, highlighter is set to CSS. If it starts with another HTML tag, eg. <strong>, highlighter is set to HTML.

If I open a file without extension (for which I have set HTML highlighter in settings) and it starts with <?php opening tag, followed by <style>:

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// TODO do something

it opens as CSS.

I don't have "Activate highlighter on unknown file extension" set on, since all these (and more) file types I edit in RJ TE are associated with the editor (hence they're not "unknown").
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Re: Incorrect highlighter on file open

Post by Rickard Johansson »

Used the wrong string when saving the current highlighter information. It only becomes an issue if you use multiple highlighters as in PHP, HTML etc.

Fixed in next release (v16.10). Thanks!
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