Version 1.34

A lite version of RJ TextEd with only the editor part left.
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Version 1.34

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Version 1.34 (May 23, 2024)

Made changes in the "Highlight and margin" and "Font and tabs" sections.

Current line border color
Added the option to change the current line border color in customize themes dialog window.

Space between lines
This option should work better now on really high DPI monitors.

High DPI
Improved main window scaling and scaling in dialog windows. It's most notable when moving main window between different monitors.

Log file highlighter
Added a simple log file highlighter.

* Word (identifier) highlighting in JavaScript files...

* Open/Close fold when scrolled horizontally.
* Jumping between lines in large files when document map is visible (e.g. Ctrl+End).
* URL mouse pointer shape issues.
* Ctrl+Arrow and Ctrl+Del issue.
* Several "highlight all instances of current word" issues.
* Brace highlighting using alternative font.
* Color hint text color issues.
* Minor color issues in the pick color dialog.

MPad 32bit version
MPad 64bit version
MPad portable version
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