FIXED? [16.25b1] Code completion inside HTML style=""

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FIXED? [16.25b1] Code completion inside HTML style=""

Post by pjj »

1) Code completion seems to be broken on multi line. On a new line, inside style quotes, I got autocomplete with entries like accesskey, class, contenteditable and probably Angular directives, starting with ng-. I mean a situation like this

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<p style="color: red; font-size: 2rem; font-variant: italic;     
(here be caret)
2) And not bug per se, but rather feature request: could you make Tab key work as in <style> section? i.e. insert colon-space-semicolon sequence?

...3) And if so, how about (disclaimer: I think that inline styling should be avoided altogether! but since you've accepted this FR...) proper CSS highlighting? Maybe this is a low-hanging fruit?
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Re: [16.25b1] Code completion inside HTML style=""

Post by Rickard Johansson »

Fixed 1 and 2. I'll consider 3 in a later version.

Made several changes and fixed auto completion inside style sections and inside style="" attributes.

In beta 2:

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    align-self: |  
and opens the auto completion list.
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