Firefox Preview tab

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Firefox Preview tab

Post by danielweigandt » 16 Aug 2018 16:51

How can I add or activate the Firefox Preview tab?
Right now only IE and Chrome tabs are available.

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Re: Firefox Preview tab

Post by pjj » 16 Aug 2018 18:31

You can't. It has been removed in version 10.0 (Dec 2, 2014):
HTML preview
The Firefox and Chrome previews have been removed from the program. They are
both outdated and incredibly buggy. I spend most of my time just trying to fix
issues in those two components, or find some workaround just to make them run.
That time could have been used to make improvements to the rest of the program

The IE preview is still available and I have no intension to remove it. It's
always up to date and is very stable.
Chrome preview was re-added in version 10.70 (Oct 9, 2015):
Chrome preview
Added a chrome preview tab, internal Chrome browser and Chrome browser views.
Chrome Developer Tools (DevTools) have been added to the internal browser and
Chrome tab.

We need an up-to-date preview browser and Windows IE is not actively developed
anymore. The Chrome preview is up-to-date, but it is quite large in size.

Chrome preview is available in all versions (install, portable, win32, win64)
and may eventually replace the IE preview completely.

Chrome preview is available on Windows XP and higher using the 32-bit version,
Windows 7 and higher using the 64-bit version. You can still run the 64-bit
version on Windows Vista x64, but Chrome preview is not available.
Why would you need a Firefox preview anyway? Isn't Chrome preview enough for web coding? (I don't mean testing in different browsers, as I assume it should be done just thusly: in different browsers.)
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Re: Firefox Preview tab

Post by yereverluvinuncleber » 13 Sep 2018 10:41

Firefox is the best browser to test web standards as they ought be applied and as agreed by the defining web body. The other browser-makers have their own agenda and cannot always be trusted to implement a standard as it should have been. Sometimes a maker just can't be bothered to implement something properly, sometimes it gives them an advantage to do it differently or not do it at all.

This results in specific deviations to functionality. This is exceedingly important when performing web app development when you are following the standards.

You often need to know how it should work and obtain a working demonstration before setting out to work on getting it to work on other browsers with workarounds. IF you know how it ought to work then you know your code is not buggy. Use of the other browsers to test functionality can lead you down the wrong path and cause you to waste a LOT of your time.

Browsers change and their popularity declines and falls but that should not affect their ability to show us how things ought to be done.

Personally I would suggest that the firefox engine be put back and would prefer it if we could choose which browser could be integrated. My personal choice is Palemoon, a fork of Firefox that retains the traditional desktop UIX and the wealth of extensions that use the XUL standard.

I am creating non-traditional web-based apps that use a large amount of HTML,CSS and javascript and coding whilst testing specific functions in just Edge and Chrome is like playing cricket with one arm in a sling. I need a browser that attempts to do it 'right'.

It is a mistake to remove Firefox from the list.
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Re: Firefox Preview tab

Post by yereverluvinuncleber » 23 Jan 2019 20:37

Now that MS is dropping Edge's engine and replacing it with Chrome's then it makes sense to have more than just one Google-inspired renderer. The Firefox, SeaMonkey, Palemoon, Iceweasel browsers are a family of browsers on Windows that use more or less the same rendering engine. Bearing in mind that all Linux systems probably use the same rendering engine it makes even more sense to have a renderer that shows what the result is going to look like on different platforms.
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