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Find in Files Options Bar

Post by primehalo » 10 May 2019 22:52

Would it be at all possible to change the Find-in-files Folder pop-up box into a bar that sits above the Find bar?
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The options used to be built into the Find bar and having them in this popup box really slows down my searches. When I hit my shortcut for searching in files (Ctrl+Shift+F) it sets the folder dropdown to Project which I then have to change to Folder (2 separate clicks, one to open the dropdown list and another to select the Folder option) which then pops up the little options box so I can see and/or change the folder an file types, then I have to hit the done button before I can finally hit the Final All button.

It used to be I could hit Ctrl+Shift+F and the folder and filetypes would be right there on the bar for me to see and/or change. I've really been missing that. I'm sure you problem moved them due to space constraints but I'd love to have the option for them to just show up in a separate bar right on top of or below the search bar. I do a lot of searching in multiple files and this would really speed things up.

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