preview HTML files without to run Apache

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preview HTML files without to run Apache

Post by moneywasher » 15 May 2020 14:39

When I add any localhost Server (like Laragon, UwAmp, Wampp, Xampp, etc.) under Environment/Options/Browser preview/ to run and preview my PHP files, than I have actually to start the Apache Server even when I only want to edit & preview my HTML files in RJ TextED.

So my question is:
How to preview HTML files, without to have to run Apache in the background, when a localhost server is mapped in the Options?
An extra Button beside of the Preview Button would be nice, to run server files like PHP, ASP, etc., intern in RJ TextEd.

I wrote also a path in the Options box to these HTML files, directly above the localhost map path, as: D:\laragon\www\ and I have map it to itself ... but that could of course not working.

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