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Version 15.52

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Version 15.52 (May 30, 2022)

Vertical line at cursor position
Added an option in the view menu to "Show vertical line at cursor position".

The line can be a dotted or solid line and is displayed at the current text cursor position.
You can change the color and style in "Environment->Themes->Customize...".

FTP Panel
Added a new right click context menu to the FTP panel that contains the following menu items:

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    Permissions  - Change read/write/execute access
    New file...  - Create a new file and upload it to the server 
    New folder   - Create a new folder on the server
    Edit file    - Download and open the selected file(s)
    Upload current document to remote server  - Save the currently open document on the server
    Refresh      - Reload the remote folder
    Rename       - Rename file or folder
    Delete       - Delete selected files and folders

I also made some optimizations to speed some things up a bit and fixed a few issues.

* Language display issue when opening document tab as an external window.
* Heredoc highlight issue in bash documents.
* External compare of remote files.
* Issue when trying to open remote files several times.

If the program update function doesn't work, you download the update from v15.5x => v15.52 below. (Note that you need v15.50 to be installed first). ... update.exe

Or you can use the full v15.52 installer below:
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