Version 1.12

A lite version of RJ TextEd with only the editor part left.
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Version 1.12

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Version 1.12 (Oct 10, 2022)

Clone document window
You can now clone the current document to a new document tab.
A new menu item has been added to the tab context menu.

Portable version
MPad is now available as a portable version. It's distributed as a simple zip file.

Korean language
A Korean language file has been added.

Select Korean in "Environment->Languages".

Tab order
Tabs are now opened at the end of the tab row and always in alphabetical order.

Tab sort
Added a menu item to the tab-bar context menu to sort all tabs.

* Context menu style and font settings.
* Misc issues found while coding or reported by users.

MPad 32bit version
MPad 64bit version
MPad portable version
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