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Browser Preview





The browser preview panel can be used to preview HTML, CSS or PHP files. You can open this panel from the view menu or use the toolbar button (Toggle preview panel Shift+F10).


CSS Preview

CSS preview can be accomplished by

1.  Creating a preview file from the current style sheet (create from current CSS file). This preview file will contain HTML tags using all selectors found in the current CSS file. Some tags may look strange though and sometimes it's more helpful to use a HTML file for previewing.

2.  Adding and selecting a HTML file in the drop down list. The changes in the current CSS file will be updated and displayed in the preview panel using the selected HTML file.


HTML Preview

The active HTML document is always previewed. No settings are necessary.


Auto Update

The preview content is normally automatically updated, but only after you move the text cursor to a different line. This is to prevent an update before you are finished typing a new CSS property or HTML tag.


 Customize preview files

In the dialog window you can add or handle web addresses and files to be used with CSS previewing. The added files and addresses are then selectable in the drop down list on the preview tool bar.



Normally, the preview content is updated automatically (the text cursor may have to be moved to another line first, after an update). But you can also update the preview manually by pressing this button.



Internet Explorer: Use Internet Explorer to preview the file.

Chrome: Use Chrome to preview the file.

Auto update: Enable automatic updates of the preview contents.

Show rulers: Display vertical and horizontal rulers around the preview field.












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