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Clipboard object





Returns a global instance of TClipboard to manage interaction with Windows clipboard.

Use the properties and methods in the Clipboard object to access or set clipboard contents.



Properties and methods

procedure Clear;

Deletes the contents of the clipboard.


procedure Open;

Opens the clipboard, preventing other applications from changing its contents until the clipboard is closed.

Call Open before adding a series of items to the clipboard. This prevents other applications from overwriting the clipboard until it is closed.



Strng s = Clipboard.AsText;


Clipboard.AsText = Clipboard.AsText + s;



procedure Close;

Closes the clipboard if it is open. Call Close when you are finished adding items to the clipboard.


property String AsText;

Represents the contents of the clipboard as a string. Use the AsText property to place text in and retrieve text from the clipboard.


Clipboard.AsText = "Hello World!";

String s = Clipboard.AsText;






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