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Code Explorer and TODO list





The code explorer panel display objects in your source code. It can be classes, functions, properties, tags or something else. This can be very helpful when you want to navigate your code. Just click on an item and the text cursor is placed at the selected object.




Select "Todo" to list "NOTE" and "TODO" items found in the current document. You can use up to three priorities (1-3). The list is updated while you type.


// TODO,3          <-- TODO item with the priority 3.

/* NOTE,1 ... */   <-- NOTE item with the priority 1.


Select "Favorites" to list functions or methods you've added as favorites.

To add a favorite - select a function and press the add favorite button in the list below.


Tabs (Code and Tags)

The top list on the "Code" page lists classes, class names and name spaces. Click on any item to list its methods.

The "Module" item will list local functions not part of a class.

The tree on the "Tags" page lists all tags found in the document. This used for HTML, XML and JSON.


Toolbar buttons (top toolbar)


Update the list if it's not auto updated.


Open a simple option dialog.


Add favorite

Add a class or other item found in the top list as a favorite.



Toolbar buttons (second toolbar)


Structure (record)

Check button. Check this if you want structures and records to be displayed.

Methods (procedures, functions)

Check button. Check this if you want functions to be displayed.


Check button. Check this if you want properties to be displayed.

Local Methods

Check button. Check this if you want local methods to be displayed. In some programming languages it is possible to declare a function inside a function (local function).


Check button. Check this if you want enumerations to be displayed.

Unknown objects

Check button. Check this if you want unknown objects to be displayed.


Error insight

Toggle this button to see error insight generated by an assigned language server.

If you don't use language servers - this button will have no effect.


Add favorite

Add a selected function, property or method to the favorites list.



Use this field to quickly find a method in the list. Can be very useful if you have a large number of items in this list.









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