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Convert text to a different character set





If you have a text saved on a different system, DOS, MAC or another windows language version, you might have to convert the text for it to be displayed and edited correctly. Lets look at a few examples.


The text is saved on a Russian Windows Me. It is saved as a normal ANSI text document. Now you want to read it in your English Windows XP. But when you load the text file the text is unreadable. This is because your English Windows XP is using an English ANSI character set, that do not contain any Russian (Cyrillic) characters.


Load the document in RJ TextEd and select in the menus "Convert -> to character set -> Cyrillic (Windows)". The converted document is opened in a new tab and the text is now readable using Cyrillic characters.


Note, that if you want to save your text you might want to save it as UTF-8 or Unicode. If you save it as ANSI - some characters might be lost. Text containing another language then your native Windows language should not be saved as ANSI.



You have a text written in a Swedish MS DOS version and want to display it in an English Windows. When loading the file some characters are not displayed correctly. Mostly graphic characters but also some Swedish characters.

In the menus select "Convert -> to character set -> DOS -> Nordic" and the converted text is displayed in a new tab. The text should now contain both Swedish characters as well as DOS graphic characters.

Since the text contain foreign and special characters you should save it as UTF-8 or Unicode.








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