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Keyboard shortcuts





The following table lists some of the standard keyboard shortcuts available in the editor. Note that some shortcuts may differ depending on your keyboard layout. E.g. Ctrl+/ on an English keyboard may be Ctrl+' on a Swedish keyboard. But the same keys are still used.

You can also customize the shortcuts using the "Customize keyboard" dialog found in the "Environment" menu.







Move cursor to the beginning of the line. Clicking twice will move the cursor to the first non-space character in the line.


Move cursor to the end the of line

Ctrl + Left

Move cursor to the previous word

Ctrl + Right

Move cursor to the next word

Ctrl + PgUp

Move cursor to the top of the page

Ctrl + PgDn

Move cursor to the bottom of the page

Ctrl + Up

Scroll up 1 line

Ctrl + Down

Scroll down 1 line


Scroll up 1 page


Scroll down 1 page

Ctrl + Home

Move to the beginning of the file

Ctrl + End

Move to the end of the file


Toggle Insert/Overwrite mode


Delete character or selection


Delete previous character or selection


Move cursor to the nearest tab position or indent selection

Shift + Tab

Move cursor to the nearest tab position or unindent selection

Ctrl + LMouseButton

When clicking the mouse over a link in the document the editor opens a web browser or an email client.


Is also used to make multiple selections.

Alt + LMouseButton

Toggle bookmark when you click in left margin.

Double mouse click

If over a brace char, all text inclosed will be selected including the braces.

Otherwise the word under the cursor is selected.

Ctrl + Space

Open an auto completion list in the document. This only works if items are available in the syntax file (UserMenu section).

Ctrl + J

Open the class completion dialog.


Display hint window. Can be a parameter hint.

Shift + Ctrl + Space

Open the current tree view in the quickbar. You may have to set this manually in customize keyboard dialog.

Shift + F9

Toggle browser view on/off.

Ctrl + Mouse wheel Up/Down

Increase/Decrease the current font size.

Shift + Right mouse button

Click on the document tab to close it.



Some other useful functions

In the editor there are a few functions that might be helpful.


Triple click with left mouse button will select the whole text line.

Clicking the left mouse button on a selected text block, dragging the mouse to a different location and releasing the button, will move the text block to the new location (drag n' drop). If you just want to copy the text block, hold the Ctrl key while dragging the text.

Smart paste can be a very useful feature when editing source code, as well as smart backspace and auto indent.








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