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Replace variables





$0, $1, $2... (Matched substring)


We can use found substrings in the replace field. To catch a found substring use


  $0 - match any substring

  $1 - match first substring

  $2 - match second substring


If we have a text like below:






And we want to change it into:


  123: Text

  234: Text

  345: Text


We identify the two substrings "numbers" and "characters" by using (\w+)(\d+) and catch them by using $1 and $2 in the replace field:


  Find: (\w+)(\d+)
  Replace: $2: $1



$Count (Replace count)


E.g. we have a text on several lines and we want to add a number on every line.


  A line...

  Another line...

  And another line...


We use:


  Find: (^[a-zA-Z .]+)

  Replace: $Count. $0

and we get:


  1. A line...

  2. Another line...

  3. And another line...


$DateTime        - insert long format date and time.
$Date            - insert short format date.
$Time            - insert the current time in hours, minutes and seconds.







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