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Quick Find...

Open a small search bar in the upper right of the document. The found text is highlighted in the document as you type. There are a few options available as well, e.g. highlight all items found, make the search case sensitive, skip HTML tags or only find whole words.

Quick find also work when in hex view. Check the hexadecimals button if you want to search for a hexadecimal value (e.g. 0D0A). Otherwise ANSI is assumed.


Find/replace text strings in one or several documents. Depending on your options you can open a search bar at the bottom of the main window, or open a modal dialog window.

When the current document is using hex view, the find/replace field edit button changes to a hexadecimal value toggle button. Press it if you want to find/replace a hexadecimal value.

Hexadecimals should be entered without space, like "6F0D0A".

Regular expression creator...

Helps you create and test regular expressions. Expressions can be saved and used from the search bar or search dialog window.

Find Bookmark...

Open a list with all available bookmarks in the document.

Find Note/Todo...

Open a list with all available notes and todo's in the current document.


Highlight Word(s)

Highlight selected word(s), or the word under the text cursor, and all other instances of the same words in the document. You can highlight as many words as you want.

Highlight Selection (single line)

Highlight selected text and all other instances of the same text in the document. You can highlight as many selections as you want. The selection can be anything and does not have to be whole words, but the selection must include only one line.

The highlighting is not case sensitive. E.g. if "dummy" is selected and highlighted, "Dummy" will be highlighted as well.

Highlight Expressions...

Add strings or regular expressions to highlight text in your document. You can add as many expressions as you'll like. Each expression has its own options and colors.


Unhighlight Word(s)

Remove the word highlighting. If the text cursor is at a highlighted word, only this word highlighting is canceled. Otherwise all word highlighting is canceled.

Unhighlight Selection

Remove the selection highlighting. If the text cursor is at a highlighted text, only this text highlighting is canceled. Otherwise all selection highlighting is canceled.

Unhighlight Search

You can highlight found items using "Find All" in the search dialog, or "Find" in the extended search dialog. This menu item can be used to cancel the highlighting.

Unhighlight All

Clear all highlighting.

Auto highlight selected words

Highlight words when making a normal selection. The highlighting disappear when the normal selection is cleared.


Word Count

Get some text statistics about the whole text and the current selection including found words and how frequent they are.


Goto line

Enter a line number and an optional column, or select a bookmark to find.


Matching bracket

Go to the matching bracket found at the text cursor.




Toggle bookmark (Ctrl+F2)

Set a bookmark without a number. You can set as many bookmarks as you want. Use the functions below to navigate between them.


Next bookmark (F2)
Go to the next bookmark in the document.


Previous bookmark (Alt+F2)
Go to the previous bookmark in the document.


Clear all bookmarks
Clear all bookmarks in the document.


Delete bookmarked lines
Delete all lines with a bookmark.


Create bookmark (Shift+Ctrl+0...9)
Create a bookmark at the current position.


Goto bookmark (Ctrl+0...9)
Go to a bookmark in the document.




Next occurrence of the current word (Shift+Ctrl+Down)

Find the next occurrence of the word at the text cursor. This is similar to the find next function but no search options are used.

Previous occurrence of the current word (Shift+Ctrl+Up)

As above but you now search for the previous occurrence of the current word.

Next Node (Alt+Down)

Jump to the next code folding node found.

Previous Node (Alt+Up)

Jump to the previous code folding node found.

Next Changed Line (Shift+Alt+Down)

Jump to the next changed line in the text.

Previous Changed Line (Shift+Alt+Up)

Jump to the previous changed line in the text.












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