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TSaveDialog displays a "Save As" dialog for saving files.

TSaveDialog displays a modal Windows dialog box for selecting file names and saving files. The dialog does not appear at runtime until it is activated by a call to the Execute method. When the user clicks Save, the dialog closes and the selected file name is stored in the FileName property.


Properties and methods


constructor Create(TComponent AOwner);

Creates and initializes a file-selection dialog.



TSaveDialog saveDlg = TSaveDialog.Create(form);


property string DefaultExt;

Specifies a default file extension.


saveDlg.DefaultExt = ".txt";


property string FileName;

Indicates the name and directory path of the file selected. The FileName property returns the name and complete directory path of the selected file.


property string Filter;

Determines the file masks (filters) available in the dialog.



saveDlg.Filter = "Text files (*.txt)|*.TXT|Pascal files (*.pas)|*.PAS";


property int FilterIndex;

Determines which filter is selected by default when the dialog opens. Set FilterIndex to 1 to choose the first file type in the list as the default, or set FilterIndex to 2 to choose the second file type as the default, and so forth.


function bool Execute;

Displays the dialog box. Execute returns true when the user makes a selection and clicks OK, and returns false when the user closes the dialog without making a selection.



TSaveDialog saveDlg = TSaveDialog.Create(form);

saveDlg.DefaultExt = ".txt";

saveDlg.Filter = "Text files|*.txt";

if (saveDlg.Execute) {





procedure Free;

Destroys an object and frees its associated memory, if necessary.


property string InitialDir;

InitialDir determines the default directory displayed in the file-selection dialog when it opens. For example, to point the dialog at the WINDOWS\SYSTEM directory, set the value of InitialDir to C:\WINDOWS\SYSTEM.


property string Title;

Specifies the text in the dialog's title bar.




TForm f;
TButton btnOpen,btnSave;
TMemo memo;
// Open a file dialog and open the
// selected file in the memo.
void btnOpenClick(TObject Sender) {
   TOpenDialog openDlg = TOpenDialog.Create(f);
   openDlg.DefaultExt = ".txt";
   openDlg.Filter = "Text files|*.txt";
   if (openDlg.Execute) {
// Open a save as dialog and save the
// text in the memo.
void btnSaveClick(TObject Sender) {
   TSaveDialog saveDlg = TSaveDialog.Create(f);
   saveDlg.DefaultExt = ".txt";
   saveDlg.Filter = "Text files|*.txt";
   if (saveDlg.Execute) {
// Main procedure
   // Create a new window (form)
   f = new TForm(nil);
   f.Caption = "A simple text editor!";
   f.Position = poScreenCenter;
   f.Width = 400;
   f.Height = 300;
   // Add an open file button to the window
   btnOpen = new TButton(f);
   btnOpen.Name = "btnOpen";
   btnOpen.Parent = f;
   btnOpen.SetBounds(10, 20, 75, 25);
   btnOpen.Anchors = akLeft+akTop;
   btnOpen.Caption = "Open...";
   btnOpen.OnClick = &btnOpenClick;
   // Add a file save button to the window
   btnSave = new TButton(f);
   btnSave.Name = "btnSave";
   btnSave.Parent = f;
   btnSave.SetBounds(90, 20, 75, 25);
   btnSave.Anchors = akLeft+akTop;
   btnSave.Caption = "Save As...";
   btnSave.OnClick = &btnSaveClick;
   // Add a text edit control (memo) to the window
   memo = new TMemo(f);
   memo.Name = "memoLorem";
   memo.Parent = f;
   memo.ScrollBars = ssBoth;
   memo.SetBounds(10, 50, 380, 240);
   memo.Anchors = akLeft+akTop+akRight+akBottom;
   memo.Lines.Text = "Lorem Ipsum iaculis audire mi moderatius\r\ncorpora dictumst turpis."; 
   // Show the window








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