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Bookmarks are displayed as rectangles in the left margin. You can set as many bookmarks as you want. It is also possible to use numbered bookmarks, which can be easier to navigate if you remember where you put them.


Set and navigate bookmarks

You can use the menu items in the search menu, or the keyboard shortcuts to toggle bookmarks on/off, or navigate between them.


Toggle bookmark on/off          Ctrl+F2

Next bookmark                              F2

Previous bookmark                    Alt+F2


Toggle bookmark using the mouse

Hold down the ALT key and use the left mouse button to toggle bookmarks on/off by clicking in the left margin.


Clear all bookmarks

Clear all bookmarks from the document.


Delete bookmarked lines

Delete all lines with a bookmark. Can be used to quickly delete several lines at ones. Just be careful...


Numbered bookmarks

You can also use numbered bookmarks.


Set bookmark                    Shift+Ctrl+0..9

Goto bookmark          Ctrl+0..9




Set bookmark 4 with Shift+Ctrl+4. Goto the bookmark using Ctrl+4.






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