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Windows and User Clipboards

You can switch clipboard in the "Edit" menu or use one of the shortcuts Shift+Alt+(0..5). After the switch you can use copy and paste as usual. An indicator in the status bar is displayed when a user clipboard is active.



You want to paste 4 clips into a different file. In this example we use the user clipboards.


1. Switch to user clipboard 1 with Shift+Alt+1. Select the text and copy (Ctrl+C). Now we have the clip in our user clipboard 1.


2. Switch to user clipboard 2 with Shift+Alt+2. Select a different text and copy (Ctrl+C). We now have that clip in our user clipboard 2.


3. Do the same with clip 3 and 4.


4. To paste the clip from user clipboard 1 we switch back using Shift+Alt+1. Paste the clip into the text of the other file (Ctrl+V).


5. Switch to clipboard 2 using Shift+Alt+2 and paste clip 2 (Ctrl+V).


6. Repeat this for clip 3 and 4.


The clips stored in the user clipboards are not saved when you exit the program. But they are available as long as the program stays open.


To access the normal windows clipboard use Shift+Alt+0.






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