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Fussy search





What is fussy search?

Fuzzy search is used in several places throughout the program to improve search result and list the most relevant items at the top.

You can enter a string that should appear in the name or path of the item. You don't need to use any wild cards (*?).

You can also enter individual letters that is found in the item name or path.

E.g. To find the file "DocumentStringList.cpp" you could enter "DSL", "dslcpp", "doc.cpp", "list.cpp", ".cpp" or any other letters or strings that can be found in the file name.

Fussy search will first finds all items that contain entered letters in the correct order.

Then list the items depending on relevance. The most relevant items at the top.

Relevance is decided by factors like found string in the file name, most found letters in the file name and capitalization...







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